Thursday, January 5, 2017

3D Class S2 Class 05 Organic Bust Project (High Resolution Modeling Stage)

For this project you will be creating an Organic Creature/Character Bust.

If you visit this location on the X Drive (X:\ART 2\2D_3D_ART_II\Week_05\Refernce\SculpturalBustIdeas) , there are a few examples of me going through my Sculptural Bust Projects Pinterest board and finding some of the higher resolution images of the artist work that has been pinned.

Find the image that you want to create for this project from the provided Pinterest board.

 For this project, you will have 4 weeks to complete everything from high resolution digital modeling and sculpting, game resolution geometry, UV's, textures and Materials through Substance Painter.

You will have 2 weeks for all high resolution modeling along with 2 weeks for game res model, texture and shading.

One special requirement for this project is that you will need to add one hard surface model to this project. You are free to add this as gear for the character/creature or incorporate it into the base or mounting structure.

Final delivery will be a final lit and rendered set of images from UE4 game engine.

Also make sure to do research to find out the name of the artist who's work you are using, make sure to give the artist credit for their original work. You are creating a study of their work and need to ensure you give the original artist credit for their work.

For this weeks section of the project, you will be delivering your organic high resolution model pass in Zbrush, Build a high quality grey scale render from ZBrush and present your work.

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