Tuesday, January 3, 2017

3D Class S2 Class 01 Modeling In Autodesk Fusion 360

For this class, we will be learning a new modeling program that is becoming very popular with game artist for creating hard surface models. (Weapons, Props, and Vehicles.) Fusion 360.

Download A Free Student Version Here:


There is a video series by a very talented past FIEA artist by the name of Isaac Oster.

Take a look here on Isaac's website to see the fist five chapters of his "Fusion 360 for Game Artist" video series. Follow along with the videos to get an understanding of how the program works.


After watching the introduction videos, follow along with the 10 part video series "Fusion 360 Sample Project"

This series will teach you how to model a complicated knife.

Please show off your final model shaded, along with the wireframe on shaded shots from Fusion 360.

Make sure to watch the final video on how to export your geometry into ZBrush, Your final delivered shot for this week will be showing that you have finished your model, and imported this into ZBrush.

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