Monday, November 28, 2016

3D Class Week 15 Creating An Environment Part 03 (Skydomes)

This week you will be creating your very own skydome for your 3D environment. You will need to watch 2 videos that live on the X drive.

X:\ART 1\Specialization\3D\Week_015\ClassInstructionalVideos


After watching these videos you will need to build and document that you have a skydome that has the following elements.

1. Ability to change sky colors and gradients.
2. Ability to change cloud colors.
3. Moving clouds.
4. Clouds that distort using UV distortion in the material.
5. Custom Sun or Moon (Either texture based or model based.)
6. Skydome will actually be a blueprint when finished.

Extra, here is a really nice introduction to World Machine if you would like to use this tool as a way to create terrain for the otter limits of your 3D world.

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