Tuesday, November 22, 2016

3D Class Week 14 Creating An Environment Part 02 (Landscape Tool and Custom Rock Set)

For this week we will be doing two main jobs, 1st creating terrain in UE4 using the landscape tool. We will be sculpting the terrain and also building a material for it using our textures from the last round. 2nd job is us creating a rock set to inset into the terrain. This rock set should have at the very least a large, medium and small rock that can be used in creative ways with your terrain.

Video content for the this week is sitting on the X drive in this location:

X:\ART 1\Specialization\3D\Week_014\ClassInstructionalVideos

There are 2 videos LearningUnrealEngine4_LandscapeTool_Part_01 and 02.

The fist video shows you how to set up and sculpt your terrain.

The second video shows how to create a material for your landscape and how to paint your landscape with the newly created material.

Make sure to show off your material graph.

Show off the final results of your sculpted terrain.

Create a rock set. At least have a 1 Large, 1 Medium and 1 Small rock in your set. (2048X2048 Textures max)

Here is a little trick if you want to blend a detail normal map with your overall normal map. (5 bonus points if you incorporate this into your workflow and document the work)

You will then take that rock set and incorporate that rock set into your terrain sculpt.

Make sure to bake lighting for final results.

I have additional information for those who would like to learn more. This part is optional.

In this location X:\ART 1\Specialization\3D\Week_014\ClassInstructionalVideos there is an additional video that covers how to vertex paint in UE4, it shows the material set up that is necessary for this all to work. this workflow is shown on a floor, but it can be used for walls or any surface that has a high enough vertex count. (UE4_TilingTextures_VertxPainting.mp4)

I will give 10 bonus points if you incorporate this into your piece and document the process. (If points overflow from this assignment, I will add the points to a past assignment.)

Terrain building examples:

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