Tuesday, November 15, 2016

3D Class Week 13 Creating An Environment Part 01 (tiling textures/geometry)

This week we will look at how to creating tiling geometry (sculpts) inside of both ZBrush and Maya.

You can get access to all the 3D download files from my site digital3Dmodels.com right here on the X drive:

X:\ART 1\Specialization\3D\Week_013\ToolsAndResources

Please do not download the files from my site, I have already downloaded them for you and unzipped the files.

You will need to build 2 tiling textures sets. This includes the Zbrush sculpt and then pushing it to Maya and creating the tiling geometry.

Watch the videos on my site to see how set everything up:


Push your final results to UE4 and document that the geo tiles on a snapping grid format.


There is an even more complete tool that was built in UE4 that allows you to not only tile your sculpt, but also tile your geometry.

Take a look here for Nano Tile Textures ;


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