Tuesday, November 1, 2016

3D Class Week 11 Creating A Medium Complexity Character Part 02 Sculpting

For this weeks material, we will be taking our modeling pass from Maya and pushing that work into ZBrush for sculpting.

 First we will need to take our image planes that we used in Maya and we will need to import them into ZBrush and set everything up. Document the results of you importing in your mesh into ZBrush along with image plane set up.

Then divide your model in ZBrush (either with subdivisions or with dynamesh) then refit your model and give yourself landmarks to hit on the model based off or your image planes.

Document the work.

Next add the eyes to your character, I want you to document that you know how to add them via Maya and also directly through adding them in Zbrush.

Document the work.

Next sculpt your model, make sure to focus your time and energy first on the large (proportional shapes), then medium (finer larger cracks and wrinkles) and then the small details (skin pores)

Document the work.

Through the Sculpting process, I want you to create at least 1 custom brush and document the process and have it show up in your final sculpt. Make sure that you create a custom icon for your brush as well.

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