Tuesday, November 8, 2016

2D Class Week 12 Concept Round (Value Pass 01)

For this week we will be taking our thumbnails from the last round, getting art direction feedback and creating a new round of concept art that is more focused on value, design and higher quality.

We will be creating clearly distinguishable character, props, environment pieces and costume through the use of shape and value.

If you need a refresher, please return to the DOTA 2 Workshop Character Guide. 

Take the feedback from last round and build 6 new character concepts on one sheet, with a focus on the use of value to sell your shapes and lighting. Make sure to clearly label your designs.

Just like the characters, we will be working on a round of concepts for our environments as well. Build an environment sheet per team, build 6 new concept designs based off of art director feedback. Make sure to clearly label your designs.

Tech Artist can continue to work on problem solving along with investigation into particle effects, and sound FX.

Animators can continue to work on Character motions along with adding environment animation. This could be simple things line a vine moving in the wind, cloth blowing, windmill blades turning or things like birds flying overhead. Butterflies flying in the environment.

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