Thursday, October 13, 2016

2D Class Week 08 Artist Discovery

This week we will be looking at the beginning of our project before we start creating designs we will go through a research phase.

We will be acting as if we are a 3rd party developer and we have been hired by a company to develop an IP (Intellectual Property).

For this year we are tasked with taking a known story/universe and re-skinning it. The story that has been chosen for us is "The Wizzard of Oz."

And we have been given a target artist of Tim Burton

As an art team we are being tasked with redesigning The Lion, The Scarecrow, The Tin Man and The With and her Flying Monkeys.

There have been 4 teams that have been created (6 members per team) and each team is assigned to take on the challenge of redesigning the characters along with designing the world that surrounds these characters.

So as you progress through the world and you encounter each one of the aforementioned characters, the world surroundings will change visually to accommodate that characters area.

For this week we are doing visual research into the following areas for both the characters and the environments: Chosen Artist/Art Style, The Wizzard Of Oz, Shape Language, Animation Style, Lighting, VFX, and Color Palette.

Team Scarecrow has built a nice format for this on Pinterest so far.

I have created a Spring Board on my Pinterest:

The idea for this weeks assignment is for all the team members to start going out and gathering visual references and populating the various board categories that have been laid out by Team Scarecrow.

Once a large body of images has been gathered, the teams will have to go through the images and do a pruning process (remove the unwanted images and push them to your "Dump Board.")

Once the team has come to a core set of ideas, it is time to start creating mood boards with Call Outs.

I have examples of these on the X Drive here: X:\ART 1\2D\DrawingFundamentals_S1_C_008_ArtistDiscovery\ArtStyleGuides

The 4 teams will need to come up with their own mood board background, font usage and image treatments (this will be just a first pass), but please make sure that the various teams looks work together as a larger body of work. You could think of each character and their world as a chapter in a larger book.

Here are some examples of the mood board sheets that I created for 2 different projects:

Make sure each team member is documenting the individual work they are doing on their personal blog, make a blog post fer each week and turn it in the same we we have been for all the past 2D assignments. Leads will document their individual work as well as being the blog to hold the larger team presentation. Team presentations will be given each week.

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