Tuesday, September 27, 2016

3D Class Week 06 UV and Digital Sculpting for a Prop

In this section we will be using Maya's UV editor window to build good UV's for our prop.

Watch the "Creating UV's For The Cannon" video, take the provided mesh "Cannon_FixTheUVs.mb" and build UV's for the model.

Display your UV Layout.

Then watch the "HiResBoxModelingInMaya.mp4" video and build a high resolution version of the cannon in Maya by adding more geometry to your edges and using smooth mesh preview.

Display the final results professionally.

Then push your new high resolution model into ZBrush (as an obj) and watch the video "DigitalSculptingTheCannon.mp4"

When finished, display your work professionally.

The last step will be decimating your model and exporting it out as an obj model. Show the results of the decimation process.

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