Tuesday, August 23, 2016

3D Week 001 Assignment (UE4 Simple Box Level)

3D Week 001 Assignment

For this weeks assignment, you will need to run through the provided video content, model a simple cube with nice bevels, take that cube into UE4 and build a master material, along with material instances. Once you have that set up, you will need to do something interesting with the cubes in UE4 (There are no restrictions to what you do with the cubes, it is up to you to be creative). You will also be learning a bit about lighting, atmosphere and mood in the UE4 engine.

Make sure that you document (visually) all the work that you are doing in Maya and in UE4.

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  1. Hello. I couldn't find your e-mail and am not officially in the class, but I've done the assignment if you want to see: http://jenniferbaulierfiea.blogspot.com/2016/08/assignment-1-step-by-step-progress.html